5 Kinds of Food to Help Improve Your Bone Health

by UpWeb Pty Ltd Collaborator on April 23, 2020

woman wearing gym clothes

Staying healthy is a long and continuous process. It requires caring for the body steadfastly. This means regular medical checks, regular exercising, sleeping well and, very importantly, regular feeding. Our bodies are made up of multiple organs, each carrying out its own unique but daunting task. To keep all organs healthy and performing at maximum capacity, it’s highly important to supply them with their required nutrients. One of these organs is the Bone. Amounting to 206 in an adult human, our bones perform numerous functions within our body, including: providing structural support to the body, working as a shield to all vital organs, allowing for movement of the body and working as a storage center for minerals within the body.

To carry out all these tasks efficiently, the bones need to stay healthy and in this article, we’re going to reveal to you; 5 foods to help ensure your bones stay healthy. They are:

1.  Vegetables

One thing vegans can boast of is having healthy bones. This is so due to the unbelievably high level of calcium embedded with the greens. One of the leading vegetables with a high level of calcium within it is the collard green. According to the US Department of Agriculture; it contains an outstanding 141 mg of calcium. So, we advise you get more veggie friendly and incorporates lots of it within your daily meals.

2.  Get Spud-tacular

Low magnesium can cause an imbalance to the level of vitamin D within the body and this is highly unhealthy for your bones. Insufficient potassium would also leave the bones vulnerable to calcium leaching acids (this is scary). Ever heard of killing two birds with one stone? Sweet potatoes contain high levels of magnesium and potassium to adequately keep the bone healthy. Here’s an opportunity to go for a delightful, baked, salt-less sweet potato which contains 31 mg worth of magnesium and 542 mg worth of potassium.

3.  C to additional vitamins

Did you C what we did there? Oh, we did it again. That’s because Vitamin C doesn’t just get those taste buds jumping for joy, it also helps in preventing bone loss. A grapefruit is laced with up to 91 mg of Vitamin C; that’s just about a full day’s requirement. If a grapefruit’s sourness poses too big a challenge, you can go for a navel orange which contains an adequate 81 mg of vitamin c itself.

4.  Get Fishy

Do you love fish? By fish, we don’t mean just your can of Tuna. If yes then; congratulations, you’re on the right track, keep at it. And if no; you might want to get in line real quick. Fatty fishes and Salmon alike contain nutrients which boost the bones capabilities phenomenally. This is because they’re rich in Vitamin D which aids the body in the use of calcium. Canned salmon contains an astonishing 197 mg of calcium due to its soft bones, which are usually included when canning.

5.  Live protein-uously

Imagine the world without Tofu? Actually, please don’t. The Asian mouth wonder is not only rich in protein but exhibits high levels of additional nutrients, making the nutritional powerhouse a mainstay. A half cup of Tofu enriched with calcium contains more than a whopping 800 mg of calcium. Research indicates women who have passed menopause may be more interested in  his masterpiece, as it contains Isoflavones, which are supposedly useful in making soy milk a good wander of bone diseases.

Failure to incorporate these meals into our daily diet, to make it balanced, can leave the bone vulnerable to many diseases including; Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a situation whereby the bones get weak and are prone to breakage. This condition can grow in the body over a period of time without exhibiting any symptoms until one experiences a fracture, often in the waist, spine or hip. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health; 10 million people in the United States are believed to already be living with the disease, while an extra 34 million are estimated to be at risk of Osteoporosis due to having low bone mass. Bone health is essential, and we advise you put in extra effort towards achieving it.