Food That Can Help In Dealing With Hair Loss

by UpWeb Pty Ltd Collaborator on April 23, 2020

Eggs and salad 

Hair loss is one thing most people dread, but it is inevitable. There is a certain age you will get to and you can't help but be affected with hair loss. But if you have started experiencing hair loss, then have it in mind that you are not alone, most women from the age of fifty and above usually experience hair loss, so it's nothing strange.

However, there are many things that cause hair loss, like childbirth, menopause, or even stress. But, despite the fact that hair loss occurs naturally, it has a huge effect on women and can affect their confidence and emotional wellbeing. Hair loss happens in men, but women attach more importance to their hair more than men and that's why they seem to be more affected.

But, the good news is that all hope is not lost because hair loss can be dealt with, by eating healthy. It is not just your skin and your body system that needs healthy food, even your hair does. To deal with your hair loss and get thicker and healthy hair, below are some type of food you need to eat;


It is no news that eggs are a rich source of protein and biotin, and these two ingredients are important for hair growth and keeping your hair healthy. The biotin in the egg helps keep your enzymes buzzing to metabolize the nutrient that nourishes your hair follicle. Aside from the biotin, the yolk found in the egg is rich in vitamin D, which is great for your health and the growth of your hair. Since the body doesn't produce vitamin D naturally, it is important to consume foods that contain vitamin D. 


It is crystal clear that protein is important for your health and your hair. When you consume a poor diet low in protein, or healthy fat, then there's every tendency that you will experience hair loss and weight loss. If you want healthy hair growth, you need to consume about fifty grams of protein daily, and fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, etc can help in boosting your hair growth because it contains some hair-boosting components, protein, omega-3, etc. It helps in not just nourishing your skin, but also thickening the fat layer around your hair follicle to give you healthier hair.


Nuts like coconut oil, almonds, and walnuts are natural ingredients for great skin and healthy hair follicles. When you fill your body with enough calories and most healthy fat, you're not just keeping your muscles and heart-healthy, but also your hair.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A and are not just good for the eyes, but also for healthy hair growth. It nourishes your hair scalp and gives you a shiny, well-conditioned, strong, and moisturized hair. Having a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, fruits, etc serves as boosters for hair growth.


The fiber contained in oats isn't just useful for the heart and bowels alone. It contains other nutrients including iron, zinc, and omega-6 fatty acid, which are essential for the maintenance of your skin, and great hair growth and development. Attach much importance to a diet that contains omega-6 because it is necessary for the maintenance of good skin and healthy hair growth.


Protein is essential for the prevention of hair loss and maintaining healthy hair growth, but it is wise to avoid an excess of red meat that contains protein. So in avoiding red meat, there must be an alternative. Shrimp happens to be proteinous seafood rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin B12, which nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss. 


Hair loss can be caused by simple mistakes made by you, like the type of treatment you use, exposure to too much sunlight, medications and stress. But there's no need to panic because adding the above food listed to your diet can go a long way to prevent hair loss and restore your thick and healthy hair. A good diet isn't just for your skin and health alone, it also affects your hair positively. It's not possible to have everything listed all at once, but you can try to have each daily and see the great effects it will have positively on your hair.