VytaInfluencer Compliant Posts

Brand Brief: 

  • Product reviews, recipes, and educational pieces
  • Describe the benefits and performance of our products 
  • Tell us your personal experience using the products
  • Please submit your post within 1 hour of being published on Instagram

Things you can say in your captions:

  • Help support overall wellness
  • Information listed under "Supplement Benefits" 
  • Posts including mention of product benefits must include (*) and the following statement: **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 
  • Vytanutra products are great for everyday use 
  • Vytanutra products can be taken with or without food, mixed into water, beverages, smoothies, and food recipes. 
  • You must tag every post with #ad and #vytainfluencer in that order. You may add other hashtags as well (provided they comply with the Terms), but #ad and #vytainfluencer must always be the first and second ones listed.
  • Your post must comply with the FTC’s guidelines for social media influencers.
  • Submit your post on the "Submit Posts" form within 1 hour of being published on Instagram. 

Things NOT to say in your captions:

  • Your post must NOT make any statement concerning health in anyway. This means that, even if true, you must not claim that any Vytanutra product provided you with any relief from any health ailments. If you are uncertain about whether a particular statement concerns health, do not make that statement. The following words may not be used: inflame, inflammation, cure, heal, the names of any diseases or ailments, pain, relief.

Content Tips:

  • Photos should align with Vytanutra aesthetics - nature/organic (use gray, green, neutral colors)
  • Product color should be true to form and reflect what's on our website
  • Front of label imagery should be clear and visible
  • Avoid logos of other brands- no visible branding on your clothes and no recognizable branded items in the background
  • Don't forget to tag @thevytanutra and use #vytainfluencer at the end of caption.


Program Limitations:

  • VytaInfluencers can only receive 1 free product in exchange for 1 Instagram post every 30 days. VytaInfluencers can post as many post about our products but will only receive 1 free product for that month. 
  • When an Influencer reaches their 6th free product, there will be another re-evaluation process where our team will evaluate your involvement in the program.
  • These limitations are placed to give everyone a chance to try our dietary supplements! 



What is the VytaInfluencer Program?

  • The Vyta Influencer program is a great way for you to become a part of our community! By signing up and connecting your Instagram account, you are eligible to get FREE Vytanutra products every 30 days just for posting a static post!

Do I need to leave my verification code in my Instagram bio?

  • No, once your account has been verified, you are able to remove the verification code from your Instagram bio. 

How do I know if I qualify for the program?

  • Your follower count and engagement rate plays an important factor in the approval process. If you did not get an email from us within 3 business days, that means you are not selected to be in the program at this time. We will only approve those who meet our requirements! Not sure if you qualify? Just apply! 

I submitted my post, when will I get another free product code? 

  • We evaluate your post in the middle of every month. So you once you've submitted your post, depending on the date, you will get another free code that will be active for only 30 days after receiving it for one time use only. 

Does my Instagram account have to be public? 

  • Yes, in order for the program to work, your Instagram account has to be public. 

How do I create a valid post? 

  • In order to get free Vytanutra products every 30 days, you must create and post on your Instagram feed. Please see information under "content tips" 

Do you ship internationally for this program?

  • As of right now, we only ship within the US. We are working to ship internationally in the future!  

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